Tollesbury Volunteers or ‘Tolls Vols’, are sponsored by Tollesbury Parish Council. There are currently over 100 of us and we cover all the roads in Tollesbury. Volunteers are organized in small groups under Volunteer Coordinators. Each group covers specific areas of the village. We come from all backgrounds, with a wealth of experience, a friendly face and a will to help.


As Tollesbury Volunteers we supplement – not replace – statutory services.

We run errands, take messages, fetch prescriptions, obtain provisions, connect as a friendly voice on a telephone and – importantly – be an early warning if we notice someone needs professional services, whether through illness, fear, loneliness, isolation or lack of means.

We can help Key Workers (NHS, social services, teachers, etc) who find it difficult to shop themselves under the pressure they are experiencing.

Once the emergency eases, Tolls Vols will disband, the website will be taken down and all data collected will be deleted and not used for any other purpose.

Tollesbury Parish Council
Tollesbury Parish Council