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Bringing Us Together

The village is a great example of a successful community and the pandemic has really shown us that people here not only have a diverse and fascinating range of skills, but that they are prepared to put themselves out to offer help, advice and services to the community in order for us all to get through this as best we can.

As the lockdown continues, it’s become apparent that we are temporarily embracing technology to connect with our friends and neighbours, to reach out to help others and to ask for support when we need it.   A small group of us are considering launching a Zoom or Facebook webinar series to help families and individuals to get through the pandemic, Tollesbury-style.

The webinars could feature short clips with advice, tips and interesting information, or an online zoom meeting/chat depending on the subject. It would be presented by people with relevant expertise, mainly from Tollesbury. In principle, would anyone be interested to contribute to a webinar – perhaps on a topic related to those offers of informal advice? Equally, would people be up for joining/signing up to one or two webinars?  

Around a dozen members of our community with various skills have already come forward and offered to help.   It could be maths tutoring/support or an online book club, a group play/script reading or a cooking lesson! A fun science lesson or a meditation group.

No need to commit to anything at this stage, just an indication would be great! Please also share any ideas you may have or any requests for groups/ sessions you would be interested in attending? Just looking for ways to help connect people in these difficult circumstances.

For more information please contact Jolene Rogers

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