Information, Participation and Help
TollsIPH (Information, Participation, Help) it’s here for everyone in Tollesbury – it’s especially intended for families – it’s a private and request-only group to join.
Thank you for everyone’s offers to provide your skills, knowledge support, assistance and information for this project – more offers are always welcome.
Our aim is to give residents, neighbours and friends the opportunity to connect and interact creatively, using a space that is easily accessed and safe for all.
This webpage on the Tolls Vols website ( and is dedicated to providing information and help, in a format that makes things easier (and fun) in a socially distanced world!
We are making a gradual start, with links to a few videos and interesting or creative local projects each week. We will add others as and when ideas come along …. and we can add material even sooner if you are able to help provide some content.
Please contribute! Add links to things you’ve found informative or helpful; creative ideas you’ve found engaging; video clips of your own (on any topic of interest).
If you are creating your own, we recommend keeping the material crisp – around 10/20 minutes or so – and please not more than 30 minutes!
Please make a start on your subject – a good introduction to your topic or skill would be awesome!
Please join our Group here:

INFORMATION – Essex Youth Service – Introductory video re mental health – no need for a referral – 24/7 – all ages – anonymous – reporting incidents, including drugs – anonymous

PARTICIPATION – British Film Institute – 18-21 February – it’s completely free to participate – Tate Modern activities – Bird identifier – Smile TV – Online Activities for young people in Essex

HELP – Help for those dealing with people who are prone to self-harm – mental health for young people – 24/7 – help for vulnerable children, young people and families

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