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As we re-enter full-blown lockdown, a quick reminder that Tolls Vols is ready to help residents across the village.
The government has told us that everyone must stay at home, with very few exceptions.
Those shielding are due to receive a letter explaining how they will be supported. If you are among them, or you know someone who is, please don’t hesitate to contact Tolls Vols in the meantime, if you feel we can lend a hand with urgent shopping, prescription collections or other errands.
We have new families in the village now, so please keep a special eye out for them. Many homes are no longer displaying the Red/Green leaflet – some might be newcomers and not aware of the leaflets or the Helpline Numbers. We have spare copies – just let us know and we will distribute them.
Loneliness and mental health are already issues for many families. The new lockdown, cold weather, home-schooling and short days can make this more frustrating and challenging. There is a
CHECK-IN group of people ready to make a phone call – to be a friendly voice or to lend an ear. There are also a few Volunteers with professional skills and experience in mental health issues who have offered to give a steer.
Households facing real hardship as a result of loss of work or other reasons can approach Taylor Charity for a loan or grant.
To obtain any of these services please call a Helpline or simply email
All matters are dealt with in strict confidence.
Stay safe everyone. Covid is in our midst. But the vaccination programme is a light at the end of this long tunnel. So there’s hope. We can do this, if we work together.
Warm regards,

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